Zlatna Kuna

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Hologram wall for the 25th Zlatna Kuna event

Since 1993. “Zlatna Kuna” event has been traditionally organized to award Croatian companies and associations for their business efficacy, development, and contribution to the Croatian economy as a whole. We are glad and humbled that we had an opportunity to be a part of the 25th “Zlatna Kuna” event and contribute with Holofiction digital solutions.

Our team produced a Hologram wall (200 x 200 cm with 16 devices) which is a great and cost-effective way to visualize your content and add a 3D effect to both small-scale and large-scale presentations/events. We also created video materials presented at the conference which include video presentations of all nominated companies’ logos for the Hologram wall, the opening video for the event, 9 videos for LED screens,, and 14 for TV broadcasts. Check out the video below to see how we incorporated our solutions at “Zlatna Kuna”, we are satisfied with how it turned out :)



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