About us

Holofiction - an expanding creative production company specialized in 3D technologies, multimedia, animation and complex state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions. Wanna be totally different? That's exactly why we're here for you – to help you stand out and shine.
Innovators, code-ninjas, mind-benders, masters of the masterpiece – these are just some of the cool nicknames we've earned from our partners. You’ve a feeling you need change? Good. Here at Holofiction we enjoy leading the way in innovation.

After all, Holofiction does cover every aspect of technology, from prototyping custom designed digital solutions to project management, installation and maintenance. This enables us to provide you with some of the coolest advertising tools and, at the same time, offer you various services, ranging from graphic, web and product design to 3D modelling, web & app development and video animation. Basically, if you have an idea, you really want us to work on it.

Through a unique blend of innovative hi-tech solutions combined with gripping content, Holofiction helps you create unforgettable experiences, dwarfing your competitors in a breathtaking tour-de-force. Our digital solutions are different and yet - easy to use. We champion an entire range of eye-riveting multimedia products. Just to start with, we developed various holographic displays, transparent coolers and showcases, signage, totem, video-wall, stretched and levitation displays - you name it, we got it.

Of course, as crowd-pleasing experts, we couldn’t do without life-like holographic, window and water projections, 3D mapping on buildings, cars, sports fields and, say no more - wedding cakes. We even have a buddy we like to call the virtual mannequin. How cool is that?
Promotion and event production has never been so exciting. An entirely new, vibrant and unexpected experience ready to capture your audience's attention and etch your story in their memory! Before you even figure out what it is that you want, we’re already on it. You simply say: “Shoot!” and Holofiction takes it from scratch. Our team executes the whole strategy, taking care of the entire process. Of course, all of our hi-tech solutions and creative multimedia content production resources are on the table. Thus, we promote your brand from A to Z in a tailor-designed mind-warping manner.

And no, don’t worry - everyone at Holofiction will be delighted to fill you in on everything. No limits. No barriers. No unthinkables.
In Holoficton we say - the future of advertising is already here. Now, what do you say?

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