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Holofiction d.o.o. attaches great importance and attention to the protection of personal information of our users in accordance with the new European regulation. We never collect or process personal data from users unless explicitly made available to them, for example when signing up for our newsletters, internet store, or performing any of the Business Transactions (performance of the contract) that you agree to, or grant them access to them below mentioned purposes (Article 6, paragraph 1 of the General Data Protection Regulation).
The privacy policy regulates the way of dealing with information that Holofiction d.o.o. processed or collected when visiting our website. Please note that processing of collected personal data is based on one of the legitimate grounds for processing in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Personal data is considered to be the information that users can identify, such as name, gender, address, e-mail or postal address and the like. The Manager of Personal Data Processing and Management processes personal information by guided by the principles of fairness, transparency and legality, and personal data must be accurate, complete and up-to-date. Personal data may not be collected in larger volumes, nor for a longer period of time than is necessary.



• Given rights - voluntary and unambiguous expression of the wishes of the respondent who gives consent for the processing of personal data;
• Legal obligations of the processing manager - processing is necessary to comply with the legal obligations of the processing manager;
• The necessity for the performance of the contract - processing is necessary for the performance of the contract in which the respondent is a party or in order to undertake the actions at the request of the respondent prior to the conclusion of the contract;
• Business partner's personal data - processing personal information when communicating with each other for the purpose of managing business relationships and/or executing contracts.

By direct contact, by sending a request or by signing the contract, the client gives the privilege to voluntarily make available the information of the company that represents or represents. The client allows them to be used to protect their personal interests in all the contracts they contract.
If you notice any violation of Personal Data Protection on our part, please contact us immediately at info@holofiction.hr.



By registering or creating a user account, the user gives the consent and the privilege to contact him via electronic communication means and to receive material and information related to the performance of the contract and promotional activities of Holofiction d.o.o ..



Holofiction d.o.o. is obligated to respect the anonymity and privacy of the user's web site, and will use and process the data exclusively for the purpose and purpose specified in these Terms.
Holofiction d.o.o. may collect personal information of a user such as a name, address, telephone number or e-mail address only if the same user voluntarily submits to Holofiction d.o.o. Company Holofiction d.o.o. the above information will be used solely for the purpose of better understanding and understanding the individual needs, habits and requirements of users, as well as the further development of the highest quality of all Holofiction services by the so-called "tailor, made" principle.
Holofiction d.o.o. reserves the right to collect, process, and disclose customer information related to the use of the service and demographic indicators, but solely without disclosing the identity of the user and/or personal data that enables the identification of the user's identity.
Holofiction d.o.o. collects and records information about the "Internet Protocol (IP)" address of the user or the computer's location for administration, troubleshooting or enhancement of the technical aspects of this service.
Holofiction d.o.o. will automatically record the user's habits of using the web service, including a log file about the visit of certain pages and/or content. Such information will only be used by Holofiction to improve its service and to customize and individualize promotional activities to the needs of a particular user.
In accordance with the applicable data protection regulations, our users have the right to access and confirm Holofiction d.o.o. in relation to personal data, the right to be deleted ("the right to forget"), the right to a correction, the right to restriction, the right to object and the right to transfer of data. We hereby inform you that you have the right to withdraw your Privileges Day at any time in whole or in part, in such a way that the withdrawal request and the request for modification are sent to the following e-mail address: info@olofiction.hr in a written form, contact business numbers or in writing via regular mail. Upon receipt of withdrawal statements, the personal data covered by the withdrawal statement will no longer be processed starting from the date of withdrawal of the given right.



In the process of registering or creating a user account, the user is required to provide the name or name under which the services will be provided and to select the security password and submit a valid e-mail address as well as any legal information required by Holofiction d.o.o ..
All the information required to register or create a user account must be true, where it is expressly forbidden to use or use anybody else's data. When creating a user account, it is not permitted to use inappropriate usernames.
Every user has the right to open a single account unless Holofiction d.o.o. do not allow the opening of a new one.
A registration or a user account is created for only one user (legal or physical) and it is not allowed to communicate the registration information or account to third parties. The user is required to keep track of his security password and account information. You are not allowed to use someone else's registration or account.
For violation of the Terms of this chapter, Holofiction d.o.o. reserves the right, according to the free evaluation, to terminate the registration or user's account of the user, without prior notice and obligation to the user for any costs or damages.



By submitting an application or registration of your online business store, laboratory or clinic in our business system and gaining your business code, you are given the privilege of receiving a newsletter. If you would like to cancel your subscription to the Newsletter, you can do so at any time through the subscription cancellation option in the newsletter or by sending a letter directly to info@olofiction.hr. The legal basis for receiving a newsletter is your given right(Article 6, paragraph 1 of the General Data Protection Act).
In case you did not give up or withdrew, the newsletter will not be sent to you.
MailChimp®, owned by "The Rocket Science Group", is our partner in the process of sending and receiving newsletters. To serve and prevent abuse, the following information is collected: IP address, country, city, zip code, latitude, latitude, region, date and time of subscription to the newsletter. By accepting the newsletter and Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and Privacy Policy, you agree to the release of the subject matter The Rocket Science Group. By dragging your privation and removing your contacts from the Newsletter, the MailChimp® application will erase your data without one trace. We always manage your information knowingly, conscientiously and responsibly, all in accordance with the new personal data security regulations and compliance with applicable data protection regulations such as the Data Protection Act, the Data Protection Act, and the other.



Holofiction.hr uses cookies to provide a better user experience. In order to make our site more enjoyable, this site must save a small amount of information on your computer, cookies. Cookies, among other things, serve to make the site work optimally and to be able to further improve the site to improve your browsing experience.
By using this website you agree to the use of cookies!

Data stored using cookies does not contain personal details from which the user's identity can be identified. You can withdraw cookie approval whenever you like. You can delete or block cookies through your web browser or using specialized software to do so.
Disabling All Cookies can cause problems in most sites, including holofiction.hr. As some data, like the kind of browser you are using, the number of visits, average time spent on the site, viewed content, and similar are processed automatically when accessing the holofiction.hr page, these data are used to improve the functionality of the site itself.

Cookies store page settings, such as, for example preferred language and simple settings (color management, etc.). The next time you use the Internet browser, you send back the cookie belonging to that page to automatically adjust the page to the settings you have selected. By choosing "I agree" the user agrees to use the cookie.

When you use our website you can also receive the "third party" cookie.



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Google Analytics, an analytical cookie, allows us to recognize and count users and collect information about how the pages are used. This helps us improve the work of the website. The duration of this cookie may be longer than a year or until removal in the settings.
Holofiction.com uses cookies to track the website's statistical visit to obtain the necessary information about the site's performance and also uses a third-party service called Google Analytics. Holofiction.com also uses cookies to promote the products/services of Holofiction d.o.o. on the web, display networks, and through the use of re-marketing in Google Analytics. By using cookies, third-party vendors, including Google, in collaboration with Holofiction d.o.o., display ads by Holofiction d.o.o. on websites across the Internet.

In particular, we point out that you can opt out of Google Analytics for Display Advertising and customize ads for the Google Display Network using the Ads Preferences Manager (http://www.google.com/settings/ads).

In addition, we use the Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting tool for publishing content that is appropriate to your interests and future marketing campaigns, where we can use data from Google's interest-based advertising or third-party information (such as age, gender, and interest) on Google Analytics.

Detailed third-party information about this service, as well as the user's ability to regulate cookie settings that are necessary, are available at http://www.google.com/analytics/learn/privacy.html.

Social networks can also place cookies on your computer. This is happening on the web pages that allow you to sign up and sign up for social accounts and if you share social network content (e.g., using the "Like" button). The specific impact on your privacy will vary from social network to social network and depends on the privacy settings you have chosen on those networks.

You can find out how to manage these cookies on their web pages.



You can delete or block cookies through your web browser or using specialized software for that purpose. Please note that disabling cookies can cause problems with the functioning of the Holofiction.hr domain.

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Holofiction d.o.o. it undertakes to take all measures with the aim of accurate and high-quality information of its users as well as any of the above data processing.


This website consists of its own content, the content of partners and free content and links to external sites of other physical or legal entities. These pages are not controlled by Holofiction d.o.o. and Holofiction d.o.o. is not responsible for the content of these pages, nor for links to these sites.
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Holofiction d.o.o. reserves the right at any time and without prior notice, if it deems it necessary, to abolish or modify any of the Terms and Conditions of Use and/or Privacy Statement herein and shall not be liable for any possible consequences resulting from such changes. These changes will take effect by publishing on these websites.



Holofiction d.o.o. reserves the right at any time to modify or terminate any business segment, including without limitation, content, availability time as well as the equipment required to access or use the site. Furthermore, the company Holofiction d.o.o. may stop sending any piece of information, or any kind of information, may change or terminate any data transferring, and may change the data transfer rate as well as any other characteristics. Holofiction d.o.o. is not responsible for any damages caused by this route.
Headquarters of Holofiction d.o.o. is in Zagreb, Croatia. Legal disputes that may arise as a result of the use of these websites (unless otherwise specified in a special agreement) are in the jurisdiction of the court in Zagreb and are resolved in accordance with the positive regulations of the Republic of Croatia.



Holofiction d.o.o. makes great efforts to ensure the security of personal data and compliance with applicable data protection regulations such as the General Data Protection Act, the Law on the Implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation, and the like.
Please note that your data is conscientiously protected against loss, destruction, manipulation, unauthorized access and unauthorized publishing!
If you have additional questions about privacy policy and cookie usage, please contact us at info@holofiction.hr.