CGI Video Production

Premium Content!

Discover the captivating world of video marketing with Holofiction! Our team specializes in creating eye-catching 2D and 3D CGI graphics and handles everything from concept creation to production. Elevate your brand with top-notch visuals that make a lasting impact, no matter how you choose to use them. 

Product Animation

Leave a lasting impression on your audience with captivating product animation. Introduce your new products, showcase features, simplify complex ideas, and elevate your brand's promotion.

Character Animation

Step into the realm of character animation, where imagination comes to life. We can create your character from scratch or use the one you have and generate its personality with motions, expressions, body movements, and seamless lip-syncing. Special effects, texturing, rigging, 3D element integration, audio - we cover it all.

Naked eye 3d video

Stay ahead of the competition with our captivating 3D animations! With stunning projections on giant LED screens and walls, we create an impressive "WOW" effect that captures everyone's attention. Witness content emerging from LED screens on large buildings in busy streets, making your brand the new "it" sensation. Whether in public spaces, events, or concerts, we're here to ensure you stand out.

Multimedia Show

Planning a concert, sporting event, or massive show? Count on us to craft a show opener that leaves everyone talking. But that's not all – our services go beyond that! We offer visual storyboards, 3D video content production, immersive technologies, holograms, LED screens, projectors, lasers, and more to create a truly grand opening experience like no other.

Hologram video

Our expert team creates holographic videos that amaze any audience, anytime. We deeply understand hologram technology and can tailor video content for various holographic solutions, including Holofans, holographic displays, and projections. No matter the industry or event, trust us to elevate your events with our cutting-edge hologram creations!


Discover the power of a good deal! A single piece of a short video that describes your business, showcases products, introduces new concepts, or explains a services concisely. Engage potential customers, build brand awareness, and boost conversions with our expertly crafted explainer videos.

What we can do for you

Concept & storyboard creation

Let the magic begin! With your inputs, ideas, and budget in mind, our brainstorming sessions kick off. We refine the creative ideas and create a storyboard, featuring main sketches, animation descriptions, and the video flow that perfectly suits your needs. Get ready to see your vision come to life.

3D modelling

Step into the world of 3D modeling, where we bring any object or surface to life with precision and realism. At Holofiction, our expert team creates high-quality 3D models from scratch, ensuring every detail looks stunningly real.

3D animation

We bring 3D models to life in a digital realm, infusing objects and characters with movements and expressions. Our team ensures every motion is fluid and seamless, thanks to our technical precision. We've animated for the biggest brands in the industry, and now, it's your turn to shine!

VFX & Post production

Post-production is where the magic happens! We add captivating visual effects, sound, and motion graphics as the final touches to your story, making your video content truly impressive.

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