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Holofan it's not just a fan, a cutting-edge solution for creating unique 3D video content with holographic effect. Our holographic fans project your story directly on the blade surface. Once you see it - you'll sure remember it. Moreover, if it's somewhere in your peripheral view, you get a twinkling sensation, making you want to look at it again. Let Holofan do the thing for you.

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Easy to handle

We'll install it anywhere. Then it's simple - just plug and play. Depending on the model, your visuals are uploaded either via SD-card or remotely through an inbuilt WI-FI unit. It's robust and reliable - turn it on and enjoy your day. Our holographic fans guarantee your message won't go unnoticed. And, last but not least, everyone likes a little breeze.


It's never been easier to control a Holofan. We've developed a special DSM application,
which allows you to control each cooler easily & remotely in real-time.

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Video production

We offer full service. Our designers can't wait to create powerful and dramatic content for your Holofan,
using astonishing 2D or 3D video animation.

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