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Our ideas are bold, innovative, and original. Specializing in immersive presentations, we ensure a wow effect that puts you at the center of attention. With in-depth knowledge of technologies and content creation, we stay up-to-date with the latest trends. With 10 years of experience, we know (almost) all. Want to stand out? Let us create a customized solution proposal for you!


We provide top-notch stage design ideas for events of any size! From the stage exterior to installation and audio-visual equipment management, we've got you covered.


Our interactive point-of-purchase (POP) and point-of-sale (POS) displays will set you apart from the competition. Promote new products, special sales, or limited-time offers with eye-catching displays that captivate customers. Our high-quality materials ensure lasting impact, making your marketing investment worthwhile in the long run.


Everyone has the same goal during Expos and similar events – to outshine their competition. Our fully customized end-to-end expo solutions put you in the spotlight. We incorporate the latest technology, including AR, VR, MR, cameras, sensors, touchscreens, and digital branding, to create an immersive and interactive experience that gathers a crowd around your installation.


We are not just code-ninjas, we craft fully customized tech-driven installations. Elevate your promotional event with our digital booth featuring customized branding and interactive elements like cameras, sensors, touchscreen, or VR/AR. Let's create magic and deliver an engaging, immersive experience for your visitors!


Experience innovation and technology in our top-notch custom apps for all devices and platforms. Our focus on UI, UX, and immersive features sets us apart. Whether it's AR, VR, MR, mobile, or desktop apps, we've got you covered. From scratch, we'll craft a customized app with any features you desire.


At Holofiction, "content is king," and we take it to the next level. Our high-quality, engaging content sets our clients apart. Pioneering motion graphics, we deliver top-notch visuals for every video production. Our immersive solutions create a buzz around your brand, attracting new customers and boosting sales.

What we can do for you


Our ideas are bold, innovative, and always bring a spark of wow. But we need YOU to create customized long lasting impression for your audience. That's why, during our first meet, we try to gather as much information as we can to understand your purpose, audience, and customize our work to suit your needs and budget.

Concept creation

With 10 years of industry experience, we can say that we know (almost) all. Our in-depth knowledge of technologies and content creation, staying up to date with the latest trends, and working on projects in various industries, helped us with the ability to create fully customized solution proposals that match our client's needs.


Our creative concept showcases the outcome of our brainstorming sessions, featuring a general summary, digital solutions, and software and content proposal. Rendered images let you visualize the presentation's exact look. Once you approve, we're set to begin the magic!

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