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Idea & implementation of an Interactive touch Conference Table for DOMUSPlus!

For some industries, visualisation is everything. Architects, designers, construction firms, creative agencies…all of them work according to the same principle: after receiving a brief from a client, they make a proposal and then present their ideas.

The moment of presentation is, all of us will agree, the moment of truth. The quality of a project is a first requirement for a satesfied client. Other step that will determine the direction of the project and collaboration is the quality of a presentation.

 So, why not upgrade your meeting room into a digital empire that will:

  • Improve and easen up your presentations,
  • Make the visualization of your project proposals imposing,
  • Leave a lasting impression?

For our client DOMUSPlus that works in construction industy, we came up with a slightly different idea for their interior office design!

Here at DOMUSPlus we believe that exceeding our customer's expectation is the only way to satisfy them. Because of that, we are in constant process of innovations in all areas of our business. One of the innovation circles we focus on is also how we communicate with them. We had a vision what we wanted to achieve in communication area and Holofiction had a innovative solution for us.”,
- says Grga Mrkonjić, Director of DOMUSPlus.

After a joint conclusion, we decided to place Holofan into a wooden box and make a logo animation (linkati product holofan) at the entrance of their office, we proposed the implemetation of a custom-made interactive conference table in their meeting room.

The table needed to be visually attractive, but again technologically reliable and useful. After taking into consideration the needs of the client, we designed, produced and incorporated the ‘magic table’ in the DOMUSPlus conference room.” explains Filip Šarić, CEO of Holofiction.

The goal was to make a smart, easy to use setting for all their meetings, presentations, brainstorming sessions and 'hectic-deadline' inter-meetings.

Also, the goal was to make a product that will incorporate the latest digital trends and technologies in a visually spectacular but still fully compact and useful meeting enviroment. 

To be exact, we installed two 32’’ touch screens connected to the main 65'' TV screen into an astounding 280cm meeting table!

This is how it works:




Holofiction gave us the exact product we envisioned. From idea to implementation, the guys were 100% dedicated to our requirements and were always problem solving oriented. Now, our project presentation abilities are in line with our vision, and what is more important we firmly believe that this project also significantly contributed to our overall brand value.”
- Grga Mrkonjić, Director of DOMUSPlus

Thank you, DOMUSPlus, on this great collaboration!


Have you ever thought about upgrading your meeting room? This and many other options available can be a great decision for the overall upgrade of your company's communications!


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