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Interactive Conference Table

Check out our interactive conference table solution created for DOMUSPlus to elevate the client experience and revolutionize their approach to presentation. 

In industries where visualization is a key – architecture, design, construction, and creative agencies – the presentation moment is undeniably the "make it or break it" point. It's known that the quality of your project and your presentation play the most crucial role in client satisfaction, so why not digitally upgrade your meeting space to enhance and streamline your presentations,
get attention with impactful project visualizations, and create a lasting impression?

For DOMUSPlus, the objective was to create an intelligent, user-friendly setup catering to meetings, presentations, brainstorming sessions, and rapid inter-meetings. In practice, we installed two 32'' touch screens interconnected with a central 65'' TV screen, seamlessly integrated into a 280cm meeting table, and installed Holofan within a customized wooden box at their office entrance.

"Holofiction delivered precisely the product we envisioned. They demonstrated unwavering dedication to our needs throughout creativity and execution, consistently prioritizing solutions. Our project presentation capabilities align perfectly with our vision, significantly enhancing our brand value," concludes Grga Mrkonjić, Director of DOMUSPlus.

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Solutions Used:

App Development App Development
App Development

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Creative Concepts Creative Concepts
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Interactive Installations Interactive Installations
Interactive Installations

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Smart Furniture Smart Furniture
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