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In November 2019, Pepsi introduced a refreshing twist to the Croatian market: Pepsi Lime. Beyond crafting a healthier soda option, the brand aimed to deliver an extraordinary experience. As the campaign's main slogan was 'BREAK THE ROUTINE!', our mission was to create a booth that would introduce the new taste, convey its greatness, and encourage breaking routines and having fun.

Our challenge was to design something innovative, customized, and creatively captivating. We got an idea that seemed complex to us yet had to be user-friendly for our client and its consumers. The digital age offers limitless communication avenues, and we envisioned a booth situated in a bustling shopping center, enriched with an interactive game. A game that literally empowered visitors to break their routines.

Our solution? A tailor-made AR game within the booth. After physically 'breaking the routine' with a hammer, a virtual explosion burst around participants, metaphorically igniting their heads. Recordings were uploaded to our server. While the younger generation was most fascinated, even older visitors couldn't resist breaking free from the norm.

Additionally, we brought the new Pepsi Lime bottle to life using 3D animations on the Holofan.


AR Game: AR seamlessly blends real-time environmental data with visual and auditory elements, creating immersive experiences. Unlike Virtual Reality, which entirely relies on virtual information, AR enhances real-world interactions.

Holofan: Holofan is a cutting-edge solution for crafting captivating 3D video content with holographic effects. The "FAN" aspect refers to its fan-like structure, generating moving 3D visuals directly onto a blade surface.

“Teaming up with Holofiction was a brilliant choice from the start. We approached them with a creative but loosely defined concept. Months later, we had a fully operational AR video game booth. These professionals know how to handle brand management with ease, offering a positive, relaxed, and smile-filled approach to their work.”

Ana-Marija Kovačević, Brand Manager at Pepsi.



Solutions Used:

CGI Video Production CGI Video Production
CGI Video Production

Unlock the full potential of your marketing and branding strategy by harnessing the power of video animation. Our team specializes in crafting stunning logo & video animations, VFX, motion graphics, and info-graphics that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact.

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Augmented Reality Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality

AR, the buzzword transforming industries! Blending digital content with the real world, AR creates surreal user experiences, altering perceptions of reality. Our developers are experts in 3D modeling, computer vision, and mobile development and can't wait to craft a fully customized AR immersive solution for you!

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Mixed Reality Mixed Reality
Mixed Reality

Discover the cutting-edge world of mixed reality, fusing physical and digital realms seamlessly. Combining the best of VR and AR, users can interact with real and digital objects in real-time. Contact us to explore the extraordinary possibilities together and create a tailored MR solution for you!

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App Development App Development
App Development

Rely on our expertise in custom software, web, and mobile app development. We tailor development practices to suit your unique business needs. Let us create the perfect solution for you!

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Holofan Holofan

Holofan is not just a fan but a cutting-edge solution for creating unique 3D video content with holographic effects. Our holographic fans project your story directly onto the blade surface. Once you see it - you'll surely remember it.

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Game Development Game Development
Game Development

Games are everywhere, and we're on top of it! Customized games for all industries and platforms, using the latest game engines and technologies. Let's level up your gaming experience!

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Creative Concepts Creative Concepts
Creative Concepts

Stay ahead with unique design solutions! Our services include corporate & internal visual identity, digital & graphic materials, web & apps, 3D modeling, and product design.

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Interactive Installations Interactive Installations
Interactive Installations

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Smart Furniture Smart Furniture
Smart Furniture

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