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Holographic Promotion

In 2015, Dior launched its much-anticipated fragrance for men, Sauvage, marking their first cologne in a decade. To promote it in Zagreb's Arena Centar, we created a stunning holographic promotion with a goal to attract the audience.

Combining innovation with Dior's timeless elegance, our 3D animation showcased the cologne's raw masculinity and sleek black design while maintaining a dose of sophistication through a minimalistic approach. Positioned in our Dreamoc HD3 Holographic Display, and branded with Dior's logo, the animation played featuring the campaign's music. The response exceeded expectations as our captivating display attracted the visitors who were drawn to the technology. 

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CGI Video Production CGI Video Production
CGI Video Production

Unlock the full potential of your marketing and branding strategy by harnessing the power of video animation. Our team specializes in crafting stunning logo & video animations, VFX, motion graphics, and info-graphics that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact.

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Holographic Display Holographic Display
Holographic Display

Our Holographic display creates the captivating 3D illusion of your product, sets it in motion, and makes it stand out in a crowd. Elevate your brand and effortlessly capture the attention of your audience at product launches, exhibitions, fairs, receptions, or any point of sale!

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Creative Concepts Creative Concepts
Creative Concepts

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