RETAIL BRANDING - when great packing design and sale signs are just not enough.

Your potential customer is in front of the shelves with your and many other products. You have an opportunity of a few seconds to interact with them, get their attention and make them buy your product. How?

For some useful pop-out tool, for others deadly weapon for competition, any case - shelves branding is becoming an advertising 'must' in 2020.

Is there a better place for brand competition then right there, on the spot of customer decision - on the supermarket shelves. Some can say it is imaginary, others there is a real war. Anyway, all of us have been in a place of being a customer. Standing right there in front of all those colors, designs, prices, options - making a decision. With not so much time in hands.

On the one hand, there is so cold 'brand consistency', those few customers who will not be 'seduced' by visual hacks of other brands. They came to buy their favorite brand, no matter the price, shelve position, special offer or 'new arrivals' sign.

When we put a few of these 'inflexible' customers on aside, we are in the position of drawing attention game for all others out there. All others who are ready to explore their options. And one of the options is your brand. 


Furthermore, when it comes to brands with lower market share - so cold 'challenger brands' - visibility in-store/on store shelves is more important than any other brand awareness or brand consistency.


We have gone trough researches about shelves perception and all of them have some common conclusions:

- It has been shown that package design is not enough by itself for visibility in retail.
- Product that is placed in the plain with the customers eyes or higher tends to be considered of better quality.
- Product that is on the sale tends to have an advantage in customers perceiving.
 - Product that is visually highlighted in any way will bring more attention.

So, why not use the best and newest trends in digitalization, combine it with creative concepts and be 100% sure that your brand will stand out and consequently make concrete growth in sales?


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