Retail POS stand is here, but is it enough to stand out?

If you are looking for a solution to brand your retail position it seems like you are on the right page. Welcome. ;)

Today, we are bringing a formula that has shown concrete results in upgrading visibility and sale in retail.


Every industry has its own 'playing rules'. Depending on a product and its position in a market, there are different types of target buyers. With industry and market changes, their needs and budget changes too. The first question is who are they and how can we deliver a solution for their (often made up) problem, and the second biggest one is: how to (1) get their attention, (2) make them chose your brand and ideally, (3) commit to it?

For steps 2 and 3 there are a lot of factors. From the quality of your product to price, design and branding, to the overall competition. For step one, getting their attention, we have a formula that has shown results. So simple and yet so powerful, there are two key holders here.





We know how obvious this sounds, but this is the first and most important thing here. The idea is all. All is in the idea. There are powerful solutions that can help upgrade the visibility of your brand in retail. If you don't feel creative enough or you want to get out of your comfort zone, ask. Contact us for mind-blowing and creative solutions.

'Better something than nothing' in this case is the worst possible way of thinking. We always say: « If you are going to do it, do it right. »


We are in time on this planet when technology is evolving every single day. At this point, there is a whole field of available digital solutions and most of them can be used as a tool for different marketing moments.

Here are the most used digital solutions in retail: 


    Holofan is a new solution that uses fan technology. Fans that are turning in specific speed are making any wanted picture in space. This is a cutting-edge solution for creating a unique 3D visual or video content with holographic effects.

    In retail, it is possible to make a visualization of any product, logotype or promo video, right there, on the POINT OF SALE. The goal is to gain attention and then keep it until the wanted information is said or/and shown, and Holofan is a winner here. Why? Because it is something new, something that is getting attention by itself, and moreover – if a Holofan is in the peripheral view of a customer, he gets a twinkling sensation and it makes him look at it again.



    Traditional marketing methods tend to focus mostly on visual and auditory stimulation, however, the hologram technology places typical marketing visuals in the third dimension and integrates them with a physical object.

    It is for us to make the presentation in retail different and to distinguish from all other already seen marketing solutions.

    Shelves are the most logical place for promotion. Trying not to be to dramatic, but it is the last moment to communicate with your potential customer. All this marketing you did trough other canals had an impact on his decision, and now is the time to upgrade it, and sometimes even replace it trough POS SHELVES BRANDING.

    We have so many options here:

    - Video Shelves / LCD Screens on Shelves
    - Shelves Video Strip with custom-designed textual or visual content
    - Digital Shelf Tags
    - LED Shelf Lighted Topplers



    Digital Wobbler is an ideal solution for retail. It is a projection on any wanted surface positioned on the shelves or somewhere close to selling spot of the product in retail. Projection is a custom-made promotional video animation made by our team, and the surface is usually custom-cut Plexiglas in the shape of product.
    The goal is to visually pop-out the product from the crowd and get attention from a buyer in a supermarket.


    LCD SCREENS that are made in logical dimensions for retail are usually placed above or between shelves in supermarkets. This screen is a surface of infinite types of video or static visual content.


    Fridge in retail as a surface for marketing. Of course. But what if you make it digital?
    Imagine futuristic fridge that can't get unnoticed. Any graphic, video or animation can be shown trough latest tehologies right there – on the glass doors of a fridge. All your current information, actions and special offers can be shown, in specially designed form that is in context with your brand.


    Want to entertain your customers? Or make their choice from your assortment easier? Want to make an ankete? Or to promote trough fun and totally creative way? The touch screen can be incorporated in many ways. From a digital totem as a special unit, to smaller touch screens that are incorporated in shelves, this is a great solution to interact with your customers and get their attention in a totally diferent way. 

Digital solutions in retail are now more available than ever. So, isn't it a great idea to incorporate them into your marketing strategy?

Contact us without hesitation, and also, let us share a secret: It is possible to make a solution that is 100% adapted to the budget! ;)

P.S. Pictures are from our Jamnica project, and also some of the inspiration we bring from these links: 






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