Hologram and Levitating display in jewellery store

Arranging space or designing a buyer-driven environment is one of the most important factors that can dramatically increase sales results. In the sea of competition, it is necessary to point out. If you are focused on a design that will leave a good impression and detach you from the competition, you will attract potential buyers to enter the store and then buy your product.

Hologram and Levitating display due to its compactness and minimalistic design is great for positioning inside the shop or the shop itself. They enable powerful and interactive connectivity with potential buyers and customers, create a lasting effect and successfully convey the conceptual message.

Hologram display
The Hologram display projects a pre-prepared video animation, creating a 3D illusion about the actual product, breaking the boundaries of promotional features so far and attracts audience attention.

Through this projection technique, you will have the opportunity to breathe life into your product and play with the imagination of the spectator. 

Levitating display
Levitating itself defines the absence of the necessary reaction of 'falling' to the eye of the attractive force. Since this is not the occurrence we encounter every day when you see a collar or clock floating in the air, or because of the absence of friction and infinitely rotating in the air, you will not be left uninterested. This is precisely the way Levitating Display do - attracting the attention of potential customers and product presentation.

The Levitating Display is a device that uses the latest electromagnetic technology and gives the promotional product the ability to float in the air. In addition, the device can also be rotated infinitely, enabling viewers to see the 360 ° exposed product. It is ideal for promotional activities and is most often used for showcases and presentations.

Hologram and Levitating displays are easy to use, because of their dimensions they do not take up much space, and because of its minimalist design, it will easily fit into any decor.

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