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Digitalize your in-store Experience

Today's technology makes it possible to create an immersive digital experience, for in-store shopping, which includes everything from automation (displays and apps) to augmented reality and facial recognition. This not only creates easiness and convenience but matches the expectations that customers now have due to the rise of online shopping and technological advancement and often rapidly raises sales.

The user experience should be quick, easy, and frictionless, and a dose of high-tech makes it entertaining, contemporary, and hard to forget. Frank, a leading Croatian food producer, recognized this need so Holofiction helped the company open its first digitalized store in Zagreb. “Snogoo” store is open 24/7 and includes digital signage, holographic visuals, an LCD screen, and a touch screen. The automation and digitalization are also established through an app, over which customers can place their orders and a depth sensor camera that can recognize human movements and delight the customers with the control games and AR.

Check out the video below to see our work and let us know how can Holofiction help your ideas go digital.




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