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We celebrated 10 years of URBANE IDEJE in LAUBA!

Urbane ideje, a planning-consulting company in the sphere of architecture, construction and energetics, came to 10 years of its existence. You can imagine what can a group of trusted professionals do in ten years of dedicated work. A lot… Of great projects.

 So, best way to celebrate all of their work, good and bad days, ups and downs and all of what they have achieved is to make a memorable event – right?

 They contacted us with ‘we already organized everything’ story. Only thing they needed was to rent an quality equipment that can strongly present their work.

“We shared a lot of joy, pride and gratefulness about our 10th year anniversary. There was a lot of things we wanted to show and say. We needed digital technologies that can tell our story in creative and noticeable but than again unobtrusive way. Holofiction was there for us with all right equipment we needed. ”
- Roko Dropuljić, Director, URBANE IDEJE

 From all technologies we have in our offer, they choose Holofan for brand visualization and LCD TOTEM for all other event information’s.

So, WHAT IS LCD TOTEM and how can you use it for your events?
LCD TOTEM is a device often used in a field of advertising. The main idea behind this latest digital marketing trend is a pop-up installation made of LCD screen/s integrated into a custom-made, often branded box.

LCD screen is than used to represent any wanted information to a viewer. From video animated content or brand ads on a street (outdoor) all the way to basic textual visuals like event agenda (indoor). Stand around screen has primary static role, but also it is a great way of visual emphasing of shown info on screen.

LCD TOTEM can be custom-made or rented.


Have in mind this simple and highly effective device when organising your event (RENT ME!) or upgrading interior of your firm/showroom (BUY ME!). 



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