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Samsung Gear VR & Levitation display

During FASHION.HR Virtual Reality, Croatian virtual fashion show, visitors had the opportunity to experience the unique fashion experience with Samsung Gear VR headset.

We placed one Samsung vr headset on our Levitation display.

In that way the product was able to rotate infinitely in the air, providing a 360° view of the object on display, thus providing a creative solution for memorable presentation.

BIPA FASHION.HR, the biggest fashion week in the region, and its organizer RED agency, wanted to integrate high technologies into the world of fashion, and that's how they came up with the idea of filming the fashion show with VR technology.

Levitation display uses cutting edge electromagnetic technology which balances between gravity and magnetism, giving the impression of anti-gravity. With that in mind. Samsung Gear VR headset couldn't have been presented in a better way but with electromagnetic levitation technology.

Do you want to try out our Levitation display for your next presentations? Give us a call!


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