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Digital Wobbler

Mandis d.o.o. needed a standout POS for Kinder Pingui to promote its product attractively. As a retail solution, Holofiction delivered a digital and animated Wobbler that didn't go unnoticed. Imagine Kinder Pingui walking toward you on the shelf - who could resist? 

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Solutions Used:

CGI Video Production CGI Video Production
CGI Video Production

Unlock the full potential of your marketing and branding strategy by harnessing the power of video animation. Our team specializes in crafting stunning logo & video animations, VFX, motion graphics, and info-graphics that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact.

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Creative Concepts Creative Concepts
Creative Concepts

Stay ahead with unique design solutions! Our services include corporate & internal visual identity, digital & graphic materials, web & apps, 3D modeling, and product design.

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Digital Wobbler Digital Wobbler
Digital Wobbler

All shelves and displays in retail are more or less the same, right? We present you with a Digital Wobbler – a device that uses the latest LED technology to project any wanted animation on a plexiglas silhouette, bringing out the WOW effect.

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