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How we transformed Belje Wines meeting room into a digital empire.

Belje Wines, a well-known Croatian wine producer, built his firm arounded with vineyards in a beautiful place near Osijek. The so-called 'Kneževi Vinogradi' (Duke Vineyards) has long time ago planted and lovingly maintained vineyards that when you look at them, seem to extend beyond the horizon.                                     

In the same place, Belje has built little to say – the hudge 'wine factory', a multi-purpose building that is the epicenter of the entire production, cooperation and business of 'Vina Belje'.

With an attempt to upgrade their, we dare to say, key office space, the meeting room, Vina Belje contacted us with a query about the possibilities of digitizing the interior. After a few weeks of elaboration and agreement, the meeting room was transformed from a completely empty room into an impressive digital interior.

We started with two contour-shaped plexiglass bottles with a decorative and promotional role in the space. The two-meter long bottles represent highly designed displays of their best red and white wine.

We have also incorporated three interconnected LCD screens on the walls that display custom video animations. 3D animations are simultaneously displayed screens, consisting of highly aestheticized representations of logos and products, combined in gentle and ambient colors and visuals.

When creating video animations, the goal was to get visually advanced content that is not intrusive, communicates the brand and at the same time contributing to and building the atmosphere of the room.

On the other hand, these same LCD screens become a presentation panel where the necessary content can be displayed. Connected to a computer inside the booth/grandstand, the content controls the touch screen via a custom app.

The three TVs are therefore for the purpose of presentation, while the touch screen in the speaker is for the purpose of controlling them.

The cabin is also custom made for the brand (with designed plexiglass letters).


" We had to digitize the presentation/meeting room. The goal was to equip the space so that it quickly and easily supports all the processes of meetings within the company, while simultaneously monitoring Vina Belje's identity. In a very short time, Holofiction created a project proposal that was soon realized. It was a good decision. "

- Marko Rakic, Head of Digital Marketing, Vina Belje


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