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Trade shows - if you are already playing on the impression card, make it impressive.

This winter, Munich hosted 'TrendSet Munich Winter 2020' - interior, inspiration and lifestyle fair. Exhibitors from all over the world attended the famous fair, which communicated the trends for the upcoming 2020 with big spatial planning.

With over 15 sections, visitors had the opportunity to be enchant, or on the other hand - resigned. With goal of impressing, exhibitors were using many creative ways to get their attention.

The Croatian cosmetics company Atea, recognised the power of digital solutions in presenting the brand at the fairs. It is these latest digital technologies we are putting on the market that have proven once again to be a powerful tool for creating a wow effect.

Two branded hologram displays and a Holofan visually accompanied and specifically complemented the layout of the entire stand. The custom animation they displayed was combining company logotype and products visuals in hologram display.

Although photos cannot literally convey the idea of ​​the power of interior digitalisation in presenting at fairs, they may help to imagine the ambience and impression created at one of the largest fairs of its kind in Europe this year.

This and similar projects have confirmed to us: The goal of all the trade shows is to make interest trough impressing potential partners and customers and digital solutions are an ideal tool here.




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