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Holographic and Levitaton Display For Siona & Lisap

At The Hairstyle News, 13th International Hairdressing Festival, we created a stunning holographic promotion for Siona and Lisap hair products.

The largest regional festival regarding hairdressing industry was held from April 2 to 3, 2016 at the Conference Center Hypo Expo XXI.

It was not only a symposium intended for the education of professional hairdressers but also an expo where exhibitors could directly present their products and services to current and future business partners.

Siona, a company with 35 years experience in manufacturing and distributing professional hair cosmetics, naturally wanted to be differentiated from the rest of exhibitors. 

With two Dreamoc HD3 Holographic Displays, one Levitation Display and our powerful 3D animations, we ensured that to happen.

Stunning high-resolution displays and our vibrant holographic animations commanded the attention Siona deserves.

In a sea of exhibitors, Siona stood out as a clear focal point in the exhibition hall engaging visitors into a vivid holographic story of Lisap hair products.


If you are also interested to boost your promotion with 3D Holographic projection technology, don't hesitate to contact us!


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