Why holograms are new market leaders?


Five Reasons Why Holographic Marketing Will Suceed

Holograms no longer represent the term from the far future. Over the last few years, there has been a huge increase in demand for 3D hologram displays where it is possible to position a particular product and then project a hologram around it. Recognizing their potential to expand creative possibilities, when talking about marketing and advertising, more and more brands apply hologram technology as a new and effective way of communicating with consumers.

Below we give you five reasons why hologram marketing wins the world:

# 1 Permanent impressions

We all know that the first impression is most important and there is no doubt about it. When we talk about marketing, the first impression should leave a strong clue, be influential, positive, and keep consumers in mind until the conversion itself. Hologram projection, that is, interaction between the actual object and the 3D animation is something that will surely enchant, intrigue and inspire potential customers and consumers. If a person meets for the first time with this technology and promotion mode, the 3D hologram will surely result in positive thoughts and feedback.

# 2 Positive association

Though holograms are slowly entering all spheres of our society and finding great application in the development of technology, science, entertainment and the military industry, they are not behind us in everyday life. Precisely because holograms are something new, something we have just read in the SF classics recently and watching movies, viewing hologram content is a pleasure and curiosity. The hologram is playing with our perception. The observer's brain is viewed as a real object by the hologram projection, and in interaction with a physical object creates the illusion of motion and modification in real time. You literally have the feeling that the device breathed life into the subject. Call it eye-catching, this way of presentation and promotion, in turn, creates a deeper connectivity between consumers and the exposed product.

# 3 You can not see it

Holograms are designed so that the centre of gravity of the device focuses on the product itself. Hologram content, or 3D animation, is projected around the product, and in this way, with fast movements and dynamic elements, it attracts the attention of each passing person and raises the product and perception of the same at a completely new level. We are becoming overlooked by the classic promotion methods and it is increasingly difficult to point out in the sea of competition. That is why, in a series of static product promotions, the dynamic hologram display exceeds the expectations of passers-by and potential customers. This is the missing link and most brands are increasingly recognizing its potential.

# 4 Shock and enchantment

If you have never seen a hologram display in full HD resolution, you will not understand how much it can intrigue the observer. You will very often notice people navigating and checking the device to understand how it manages to connect movement and animation with a physical object. Even when you know that there is no magic behind it, but pure science and technology, you will find yourself staring at the glittering lights that seem to break through and overcome the basic laws of physics.

# 5 Long-lasting memory

And finally, one of the main goals of a successful marketing campaign is that a particular brand and product remain and keep in mind the potential buyers. Holograms and hologram marketing will leave long-lasting impressions and lasting impact on the subconscious of an individual. This kind of promotion certainly does not represent one-way communication since it offers the prospective buyer experience, the opportunity for interaction, and thus entertainment. With certainty, we can say that hologram marketing provides added value to the shopping experience by bringing a whole new and fresh platform for promotion and advertising.


For the rest, we can say that hologram marketing offers a unique opportunity for brands to deeper and stronger connect with consumers by ultimately transforming them into loyal customers. Holograms, due to the possibility of realizing content that is just imagination of the boundaries, opens up a wide range of marketing opportunities. For this reason, we are witnessing the increasing trend of brands such as technology and promotion. Those who will see hologram promotion, be assured, will share their experience and impressions with their circle of acquaintances. And that's the most important thing. An example of hologram promotion in Holofiction's production for Dior Sauvage, which raised sales by 50%, is here.

If you would like to implement hologram technology in your marketing activities, let us know!

Solutions Used:

CGI Video Production CGI Video Production
CGI Video Production

Unlock the full potential of your marketing and branding strategy by harnessing the power of video animation. Our team specializes in crafting stunning logo & video animations, VFX, motion graphics, and info-graphics that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact.

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Holofan Holofan

Holofan is not just a fan but a cutting-edge solution for creating unique 3D video content with holographic effects. Our holographic fans project your story directly onto the blade surface. Once you see it - you'll surely remember it.

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Holographic Display Holographic Display
Holographic Display

Our Holographic display creates the captivating 3D illusion of your product, sets it in motion, and makes it stand out in a crowd. Elevate your brand and effortlessly capture the attention of your audience at product launches, exhibitions, fairs, receptions, or any point of sale!

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Holographic Projection Holographic Projection
Holographic Projection

As holograms are all illusions, the true magic unfolds only in the right setup and environment. This entails having the perfect viewing angles, optimal lighting conditions, and captivating content. However, don't worry - we are here to set the conditions for your setting!

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Creative Concepts Creative Concepts
Creative Concepts

Stay ahead with unique design solutions! Our services include corporate & internal visual identity, digital & graphic materials, web & apps, 3D modeling, and product design.

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Holofridge Holofridge

This is the coolest cooler of them all! With a built-in transparent LCD and unique technology, Holofridge is far away from the competition. The result is superb picture quality and stunning transparency. Check it out!

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T-Box T-Box

Highlighting key features through full-HD or 4K content and at the same time presenting the physical product itself - that's what it's all about. Transparent LCD is the perfect solution for point-of-sale and exhibition stands. Creative possibilities are endless.

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Interactive Installations Interactive Installations
Interactive Installations

Engaging people during the event is not an easy task, right? Well, our interactive video booths can do that for you! They are fully customized, easy to use, create fantastic user experience, and are available for both on-site and virtual events.

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Digital Wobbler Digital Wobbler
Digital Wobbler

All shelves and displays in retail are more or less the same, right? We present you with a Digital Wobbler – a device that uses the latest LED technology to project any wanted animation on a plexiglas silhouette, bringing out the WOW effect.

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