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As an ideal way to raise your event to a new level, Projection mapping in the last decade represents a real trend in the event's organization. Whether it's 2D or 3D animation, this projection technique will immerse the audience in quite another world of illusion and provide an unforgettable experience and long-lasting impressions.

You've heard about all this and are interested in this kind of video screening technique but do not know where to start. Below we will explain what you need to pay attention to and how to organize your next Projection mapping event.


Projection mapping can be relatively straightforward. However, professionals who understand the technology, methods, and technique are essential. Companies specializing in this area will be happy to explain how the process works. You must contact them on time so that you and the company you work with have time for a quality project.


The surface you want to project the video animation dictates the amount of projector or how long they will need to be projected. After engaging a projection mapping company, talk in detail about the event itself, your vision, and what kind of projection you are interested in. It is extremely important to explain video mapping to producers exactly what kind of video content you want and your budget. Remember that the animation surface must be non-reflective to achieve high-quality video projection and the desired effect.


Plan the project. Time is extremely important for quality project realization. Additionally, editing material, sudden changes, and adding or modifying details at the last minute can affect the quality of the final project and your pocket. It is extremely important to pre-define what you want to give in detail to the guidelines and expectations of projection mapping producers. A good organization and a well-defined plan will keep the project safe, within the budget.


Most importantly, be flexible if what you have imagined will not enter your budget. Talk to your mapping producers and be willing to brainstorm and exchange ideas until you reach the ideal alternative. For your event to succeed, art and technology must create synergy and work together for the desired effect. You and the company you work with are experts in your area, and budget expansion or creating a project that will ultimately not be of the highest quality benefits anyone.

When discussing Projection or Video mapping, only imagination is the limit. You can orient yourself to the effect of small butterflies dancing on the walls, to the gorillas that crush you, and are as big as the wall itself. In addition to a wide range of options in terms of animation, mapping can also be interactive. For example, with motion capture technology, body movements can affect the projection itself. However, all this has its own price. As with most event technology, video mapping can cost you a lot, but you do not have to. But if you choose to implement it in your next event, you'll be saving a lot on other effects and decorations. You will eliminate the cost of the material itself, transportation, assembly and storage.

Be realistic in your goals and creative with resources, maximizing the usability of space, because even though it may seem costly to invest, projection mapping can be achieved with a reasonable price. It all depends on the size of the surface, the amount of equipment and the complexity of the video animation.

If you would like to implement projection mapping technology in your next event, let us know!

Solutions Used:

CGI Video Production CGI Video Production
CGI Video Production

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Augmented Reality Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality

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Mixed Reality Mixed Reality
Mixed Reality

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Virtual Reality Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality

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App Development App Development
App Development

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Holofan Holofan

Holofan is not just a fan but a cutting-edge solution for creating unique 3D video content with holographic effects. Our holographic fans project your story directly onto the blade surface. Once you see it - you'll surely remember it.

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Holographic Display Holographic Display
Holographic Display

Our Holographic display creates the captivating 3D illusion of your product, sets it in motion, and makes it stand out in a crowd. Elevate your brand and effortlessly capture the attention of your audience at product launches, exhibitions, fairs, receptions, or any point of sale!

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Holographic Projection Holographic Projection
Holographic Projection

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Game Development Game Development
Game Development

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3D Mapping 3D Mapping
3D Mapping

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Creative Concepts Creative Concepts
Creative Concepts

Stay ahead with unique design solutions! Our services include corporate & internal visual identity, digital & graphic materials, web & apps, 3D modeling, and product design.

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Holofridge Holofridge

This is the coolest cooler of them all! With a built-in transparent LCD and unique technology, Holofridge is far away from the competition. The result is superb picture quality and stunning transparency. Check it out!

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T-Box T-Box

Highlighting key features through full-HD or 4K content and at the same time presenting the physical product itself - that's what it's all about. Transparent LCD is the perfect solution for point-of-sale and exhibition stands. Creative possibilities are endless.

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Interactive Installations Interactive Installations
Interactive Installations

Engaging people during the event is not an easy task, right? Well, our interactive video booths can do that for you! They are fully customized, easy to use, create fantastic user experience, and are available for both on-site and virtual events.

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LCD Totem LCD Totem
LCD Totem

Eye-catching visual displays placed in modern housing can't be overlooked. Totem is a digital free-standing panel used for advertising, information sharing, or as a self-service solution.

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LED Screen LED Screen
LED Screen

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Stage Equipment Stage Equipment
Stage Equipment

A variety of stage solutions and tools will make your event special. Whether it's a conference, award ceremony, or expo, we have everything you need to elevate your event. Projectors, laser shows, led screens, stages, light, and sound equipment are the way to go.

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