2020 Digital marketing trends that we can no longer ignore

Advertisements as we know it, 2D billboards and boring supermarket shelves with discount labels will slowly start being replaced by the power of the one thing we can't bypass - digitalization.


In the last decade, the full impact of digitalization in all parts of life, including the marketing industry, has been clearly evident.

As it is, the Croatian market responds to this almost banal and logical transformation as an echo – with delay, copycat and… 'wannabe' examples.

Although financially realistic, visually powerful and contextually logical, these options have until recently been something that only 'those big players' had access to (especially in Croatia). Only a few years ago, it became apparent that more and more Croatian brands are using digitalization opportunities in their marketing.

Right from the start, we would like to congratulate our partner Jamnica, who, along with a few more brave brands, has finally spiced up product representation in boring supermarkets.

The field of options in the 'upgrade' of retail shelf branding, the visual impression of events, pop-up promo installations, and a completely different presentation of products with the spice of digital technologies seems to be growing year by year.


As we enter 2020, we can proudly say that we too have something to offer here. And at an enviable level.

The possibilities of using digital technologies in marketing are almost limitless at the moment we are in:

  • From the amazing option of projecting married animation to any shape/surface = 3D MAPPING,
  • to create an image with the eye of elusive rotation 'fan' = HOLOFAN,
  • to projecting the image 'into space' with the mirroring technique = HOLOGRAM,

    - we enter the playable field and use these digital desserts as a perfect complement to the already powerful ideas of differentiation and visibility.

Holograms, perhaps the most commonly used technology in product presentation or on-site visibility, appear in forms such as HOLOGRAM DISPLAY, T-BOX (hologram inside a specially designed box whose glass on the box is actually a transparent LCD screen) and HOLOFAN.

The hologram solution is most commonly used when presenting new products at the point of sale/presentation or logo at events, offices, conferences, etc. After the client communicates the intention, our team suggests the device and develops a unique solution - most often 100% custom-made. In one-time events, brands also use the option of borrowing devices like holofans and LCD totems. 

On the other hand, we have projection mapping, a technology whereby the desired content, animated to the highest aesthetic standards in accordance with the brand, can be projected from large kilometers of buildings and streets - 3D PROJECTION MAPPING to small forms as Plexiglas shapes in shops and supermarkets - DIGITAL WOBBLER. Also, it can be used as brand visibility and atmosphere maker on any event. 


Like today, for example, social networks are meant as a marketing tool, and relatively recently there has been no mention of that context ... just like these, these may still be a bit of an SF feature of presenting, creating ambiance and experiencing and working on-site visibility -to become a logical and indispensable option for every store, event, promotional activation, etc.

One of the more interesting options is the implementation of AR technology (Augmented reality = real-time events/movements (eg you dance in front of the camera) and contextually branded backgrounds (eg you are on the beach). Mostly used to entertain and activate visitors / potential customers, applications like this add a specific call to engagement with the visitor and communicate the brand unobtrusively.



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